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Ransomware attacks have quickly become the biggest cybersecurity threat and stories about large-scale extortion attempts against a wide variety of organizations are a daily occurrence. Yet, for every public acknowledgement, there are hundreds of hacks never disclosed, and thousands more attempted.

According to industry experts the average number of organizations impacted by ransomware attacks in a week has grown by over 100% this year alone with an average recovery cost of $1.85 million. Of those that paid ransoms, the majority only received partial data back.

In addition to a surge in malware, systems are growing more susceptible through remote access needs and networks of connected devices. And with the increase in remote work and potentially less secure home offices, hacker groups have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable sectors.

Protecting Systems and Customers

Having the correct controls and tools in place can mean the difference in preventing, detecting, and responding to ransomware attacks quickly and mitigating the impact to your business, data, and operations. Rokster’s expert team of consultants will provide industry-specific Ransomware Readiness services, including:

Disaster recovery plan and testing review

Systems/data/configuration files, backup assessment, and inventory

Ransomware propagation and quarantine capabilities review

Endpoint monitoring capabilities review

End user security awareness training assessment

Enterprise/OT incident response plan review

Why Rokster?

We at Rokster provide premier cybersecurity and compliance solutions to ensure that your business is protected and secured from cyber threats whenever, wherever. We pride ourselves on providing our clients and partners with premier service, while maintaining full transparency throughout the process and only presenting solutions that create value for your business.

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