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Custom preparation, prevention, response, and recovery for the Utility and Life Sciences industries.

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With over 100 years of combined industry experience between our team of leaders, Rokster specializes in providing advanced technical and consulting solutions for the Utility and Life Sciences industries.

Utility Sector Services

Capital projects from Engineering and Design, to Project and Program Management, Quality Control & Quality Assurance, and more. By focusing on the core of each client’s business, we are able to help them leverage on their key successes and continue to grow.


Our cybersecurity solutions will ensure that your digital operations are airtight; we can minimize outages of service, detect vulnerabilities in your systems, and prepare a plan for incident readiness and response.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI technology stack can show you insights and areas of improvement in your processes that you didn’t even know where there. By utilizing Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more, your business will be set up to compete at the highest level of efficiency in the sector.


Blockchain technology is rapidly expanding into many industries to help bring cybersecurity to the next level. We at Rokster can develop systems that can facilitate the transfer of encrypted data between stakeholders, unlocking limitless opportunity in the Utilities sector.

Business Intelligence

Rokster has a team of master class business intelligence and data sciences professionals that want to help you optimize your operations. Business intelligence can bring a new level of efficiency in your supply-chain and make better business decisions.


Data protection is of utmost importance for your business, we at Rokster are committed to making your operations secure and covering all the areas that may be exposed to threats.

Artificial Intelligence

Using predictive, prescriptive, and IoT analytics will give you a leg up in the market. These AI approaches and tactics help your organization reduce operational costs by up to 40%, automate processing, and predict output and quality.


We at Rokster want to demystify the use of Blockchain in business operations. Though there is still a slow adoption rate of blockchain in the Life Sciences industry, we have proven results for our clients that show improvements in the areas of secure data distribution, meta-transactions, and intellectual property management, to name a few.

Business Intelligence

Companies leveraging the power of Business Intelligence can achieve a competitive advantage by making better business decisions. By observing your accumulated data, our professionals can show you how to realize substantial performance improvements through more informed decision making.

Life Sciences Sector Services

Technology and Life Sciences have become increasingly intertwined to maintain security and provide significant value to businesses. From secure data management to Regulatory Affairs, we at Rokster specialize in delivering industry-specific technology solutions tailored to your needs.

Focused on protecting and advancing business via intelligent technology. How can we help you surpass your business goals?

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