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Project Snapshots

We’ve been busy here at Rokster. Here’s a glimpse into three recent cybersecurity projects and how we helped these clients mitigate concerns.

SNAPSHOT: Avoiding Violations

Rokster performed a Gap Analysis of a large utility in the WECC region with policies related to new versions of NERC CIP standards.

This included CIP-003-8, CIP-005-6, CIP-008-6, CIP-010-3, and CIP-013-1. Rokster was able to identify new requirement not addressed within the organization’s NERC CIP policies and procedures. Rokster saved this organization from making potential violations by identifying these deficiencies, which allowed the organization to correct their policies and procedures prior to a WECC audit.

SNAPSHOT: Protecting IT and OT Infrastructure

Rokster performed a NIST SP 800-53 assessment of a power provider in Latin America. Rokster was able to give them a full NIST SP 800-53 assessment and create a remediation plan highlighting the top ten areas of concern and lack of cybersecurity resources to meet the increasing demand to protect their IT and OT infrastructure. Rokster continues to work with this organization as a trusted partner to improve their security posture and improve their cybersecurity maturity.

SNAPSHOT: Eliminating Vulnerabilities

Rokster performed a NERC CIP-010-3 R3 Annual Vulnerability Assessment for a utility in the NPCC region. During the engagement, Rokster assessed all their in-scope medium and high impact assets. Rokster provided a comprehensive action plan to remediate all vulnerabilities found throughout the course of the assessment.



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