Comprehensive Business Intelligence Solutions.

We at Rokster are the premier provider for strategic Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services. We’ve effectively designed our BI processes to incorporate methodologies specifically within the Life Sciences and Utilities industries giving us the ability to recognize real opportunities to maximize value and provide tangible results.

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Partner with a team of experts to bring your business to the next level.

Our Business Intelligence solutions will help the professionals within your organization make informed business decisions by providing valuable insights from our robust predictive analyses.

Specialized and strategic BI solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

Our core BI competencies for Life Sciences constitute a range from business analysis to project management, portfolio management, systems administration and validation, custom software development, quality assurance, change management, and reimagining workflow processes. Our experts know how to properly analyze your past and present data to provide customized solutions and predictive trends to maximize your operational efficiency and prepare you for what’s next.

Expert knowledge delivering data-driven BI solutions for the Utility sector.

Our team consists of experts directly from the Utility industry. We know the nature of prediction and planning that make up the critical decisions businesses face to provide the best service while still trying to maintain the most operational efficiencies that align with proper compliance. Specializing in the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Infrastructure markets, we at Rokster provide BI methodologies and consulting solutions for your unique needs. From operational processes and compliance, manufacturing, procedures, network security to industry trends; Rokster will present the solutions most essential and unique to your business needs.

The Business Intelligence Lifecycle

When you work with Rokster you can expect measurable ROI and lifetime value. Whatever your project may be, we will always deliver value and results.

Analyze Business Needs and Requirements

First, our team will analyze the business problem you are facing, observe the resources that are available to solve the problem, and find opportunities for growth.

Design Data Models

Based on our findings in the analysis phase, we will be able to design the data models that will be used in the following phases to identify the scope of the project.

Design Physical Schema

When the scope and overall design is confirmed, we can begin designing the physical schema, which will help us eventually move forward into establishing the data warehouse.

Develop the Data Warehouse

Next we’ll begin to develop and use the data warehouse. Using the schema designed in prior steps, we can begin to load data from your business’s sources and begin the analysis process.

Build the Product

There are all types of products we can develop with the data collected. Depending on the business problem identified at the onset of the project, we determine which product will be most appropriate, anywhere from a dashboard to a report.

Maintenance and Reevaluation

Each product we make requires maintenance to continue functioning correctly, and evaluating the performance to ensure that you are realizing value and ROI.
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