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We at Rokster are the premier provider for strategic Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services. We’ve effectively designed our BI processes to incorporate methodologies specifically within the Life Sciences and Utilities industries giving us the ability to recognize real opportunities to maximize value and provide tangible results.

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Business Intelligence Assessment

The Rokster team can gather, review, and provide a strategic roadmap for achieving organizational business intelligence goals. This approach is customized based on client needs and goals. Our team of SME’s will interview key stakeholders, review data, processes, and software utilization to develop a maturity model containing insights, recommendations, and a phased approach for achieving goals. Deliverables include a report with a gap analysis and recommendations, the strategic roadmap, and a RACI (Current Roles, Accountability, Consulted, and Informed) matrix for data capture.

Strategic Alignment

Understanding strategy and goals at a corporate level allow the Rokster consulting team to evaluate data with maximum value in mind. This gives insight into where you are now and where you want to go. What has gotten you here may not get you there. The Rokster team brings an array of past experiences and knowledge that create a foundation for understanding the needs of your business. We are here to make sure the right things are put in place to achieve a data-driven culture within the organization.

Reporting and Dashboards

Rokster’s analysts can help take legacy, redundant and labor-intensive reports and turn them into efficient, concise, and dynamic BI reports. Leveraging the latest business intelligence reporting tools, visualizations will clearly communicate and draw attention to key information, telling the story to enhance decision making capabilities.

As Rokster’s team collaborates with clients on their data journey, recommendations on metrics and key performance indicators will provide new opportunities to explore data including trending, benchmarking and more. New insight capabilities and interactive reports will increase value for all levels of decision makers within the organization.

Data Integrity & Governance

The importance of data integrity is a paramount piece of any data strategy. Our experts are available to support physical, cybersecurity and database integrity. We can help establish governance processes and procedures for inputting, managing, and accessing data to safeguard long-term control and success of data initiatives.

Physical security may be reviewed to identify key risks and potential mitigation strategies implemented to protect data in case of incidents.

In addition to the proper setup of access to view and modify data, Rokster’s team of cybersecurity professionals can ensure that cybersecurity best practices are applied in all areas of communications to ensure your data is authenticated, integrity is verified, encrypted in transit and at rest.

Database integrity and overall quality is key. Our specialists understand the importance of making sure data is relevant, accurate, complete, and reliable while meeting company standards.

Data Mapping & Warehousing

A quality approach to data mapping is essential for maximizing the value within the data. During the data mapping process our specialists define, map, transform, test, deploy and maintain the data flow. If the goal is to create a data repository, a data warehouse will be established. This will allow data to be queried efficiently for reporting.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Our experts can maximize your data through trend analysis, custom calculations, and enhanced forecasting. Looking forward will keep your business decisions proactive and not reactive.

Rokster partners with several AI companies specializing in real-time advanced predictive modeling. The technical offerings of our partners combined with the expertise of our team ensure a successful implementation within your organization.


Rokster can build customized training for your organization. This includes report consumer training, process changes surrounding data collection and entry as well as how to refresh and maintain established reports.

Focused on protecting and advancing business via intelligent technology. How can we help you surpass your business goals?

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