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Rokster’s expert knowledge in AI technologies delivers your team premier Artificial Intelligence data-driven solutions tailored directly to your needs.

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With our core competencies in Artificial Intelligence Consulting and Implementation, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence Research, our experts know the ins and outs of the Utility and Life Sciences industries enabling us to offer market-leading data-driven analytical solutions customized for your business.

At Rokster, we are here to advise your team on which AI strategy is right for you.  We aid in considering relevant and new operating models by assessing the automation risks and controls that impact your team and your customers. We help determine your architecture by prioritizing the best processes unique to your business needs.

We apply our competencies through premier AI software applications such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data Analytics. This delivers your business the full suite of AI – from data analytics to strategy, systems design, architecture and integration, program operations, and risk services – partnering with Rokster to facilitate your AI implementation means you’ll have the right experts by your side to suit all of your business needs.

Full-scope of complex analytical solutions for improved business processes and compliance.

IoT Analytics for the Life Sciences and Utility industries allow for complex data systems to be automated and automatically controlled resulting in the ability to leverage predictive analytics and predictive maintenance analytics while eliminating human error and the need for full-time resources.

We have access to the best Subject Matter Experts in the Utility and Life Sciences Sectors. Our experts can provide robust and in-depth solutions for your business, from medical device and clinical operations in the Life Sciences sector, to efficient services for Energy, Oil & Gas, and Infrastructure within the Utility sector.

Managing the implementation of innovative systems and tools to drive your business forward.

AI brings machine learned solutions with the ability to predict both output and quality, resulting in a significant decrease in operational costs while providing proven results within weeks of implementation. Selecting the right partner to manage your AI solutions is key. AI softwares and tools create a competitive advantage for your business, ensuring you are utilizing the latest and most effective tools to bring the most value to your business and your clients.

Core Areas of Expertise

Strategies and Opportunities

We’ll assess your current systems to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency in your technology.

System Options

We’ll show you the different technologies and options available that would work for your current systems, and explain the benefits of each.

Assess Automation Risk

Automation can change your workflow and operations, we’ll help guide you along the transition to make sure implementation is seamless.

Prioritize Processes

We’ll help develop your new process and train stakeholders to prevent any amount of downtime.


We are your partners in the long term, and we’ll be sure to set your system up to be optimized and properly maintained.
Focused on protecting and advancing business via intelligent technology. How can we help you surpass your business goals?

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